Kohlrabi Slaw

Okay so I will admit it, I was probably abit afraid or hiding from the thought of having to harvest this very large speciem that had grown at the end of the garden this year,

It was in no way because I hate them, in fact of all the things you can have too much of in the garden harvests this is one of the easiest to turn into things people will love to eat. Well big people on retreats will, and adults etc.

So It was just because I was doubting the Kid factor, as to well, if I could come up with a way they would like it. And I did it!

MIne are are like most kids, adverse generally to anything that might keep them alive. But as luck would have it today they were willing to give it a go. Guess what? They hated it. I will have to go back the drawing board.

Just before you decide never to try this recipe, know that the hubby thought it was great, for whatever that is worth to you?

It is very simple and I really do love the lightly peppery taste to it.

Shred up as much as you want to eat of the below, per person

1x Small Carrot

Handful of Cabbage (any colour though red is pretty)

1/2 Onion (again any colour)

Kohlrabi (again about a handful p/p)

2 sticks Celery

1 TBS Tamari

2 TBS Vegan Mayo

Salt and Pepper to taste

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