Sometimes We Just Rock!

I have another reason to smile today, being featured as a leader in the eco and ethical tourism industry is definitely something to be proud of.

Recently I was asked to feature in article about why it matters what we as yoga teachers do with our retreats, and though it seems obvious to me, it sometimes needs to be stated……we all must do what we can to make a difference.

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As the weather improves and lockdown lifts, many of us are looking to book our first yoga retreat of the season. Yoga retreats offer the perfect opportunity to focus on your personal practice, take some time for yourself, and connect with like-minded yogis. 

More recently, retreats with an ethical and social conscience have grown in popularity, a response to our increasing awareness for the welfare of the planet. 

We spoke to Nova Milesko, founder of New Forest Retreats, about the importance of giving back when holding a yoga retreat.  

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