Creamy Celery & Kohlrabi Soup VG/GF/NF

I wanted a fast lunch and I happen to have been making the Kohlrabi Slaw, which was awesome but not what I fancied for lunch, I wanted soup. So being the princess I am I make a very quick soup, in about 20 minutes, by grating the kohlrabi and potatoes, I was able to cut the cook time in half.

You will need

One Kohlrabi size of your hands/small football for it to serve around 4/6 people and a small potato per person grated or shedded if you have a food processer

1x Onion Large finely chopped

Head of celery


Salt and Pepper


Thyme and Margoram

Vegan Cream


Cook all together and then blend after it is all soft, add cream and smile!

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