Relax and Unwind Tea Recipe

I have been playing with different blends to help get to sleep and relax, and this is one I can’t stop drinking, hope you like it. And if you are one of the wilder women (menopausey, maybe add a few drops of CBT for that extra dreamy feeling, or if ever if your not)

Chamomile can make an excellent nighttime tea but I happen to feel utterly jipped if I only have a flowery tea so I have to add a few more things to it to keep me happy.

Rose petals adore the fragrance, the colour, and the uplifting energy of the rose. When I found out that rose petals also had calming, mildly sedative properties, they seemed like the perfect fit for my new sleepy time tea.

Fennel seemed like an obvious choice – it soothes the digestive system, but also brings in a wonderfully fragrant, sweet anise-like flavour. It brings everything together.

Licorice is here because I have a sweet tooth and because it plays well with the other ingredients (but is entirely optional). 

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