Banoffee Pie Vegan/GF/NF

I have been working on this one for a while, it is the kids favorite and I wanted to find a way to make one that had all of the goodness and less of the sugar.

Add mixed seeds and pitted dates to the food processor and process. It will start out crumbly but will gradually start to stick together. Process until it reaches the sticky dough stage and will stick together when you press some of it between your fingers

  • Add the softened pitted dates to the food processor and process. It will first form a giant ball of toffee and then will gradually break up and stick to the sides of the food processor. Keep processing until the giant ball is mostly broken up.
  • Heat coconut cream in the microwave for 30 seconds and then add it to the food processor gradually while the food processor is running. Use as much as you need to get a creamy date caramel texture.
  • Add almond butter and process until well mixed in.
  • Spread the date caramel filling over the top of the crust and smooth it down.
  • Place it back into the freezer while you make the topping.


  • Remove a can of coconut cream (chilled at least 12 hours) from the fridge, being careful not to shake it.
  • Open it and you’ll see that the cream has risen to the top, leaving the watery part behind. Scoop out only this cream section into the bowl of your stand mixer, leaving the watery part behind.
  • Start at slow speed and gradually increase speed until the coconut cream reaches a whipped cream consistency.
  • Slice your bananas and then lightly brush them with lemon juice to avoid discoloration. Spread a layer of sliced banana on top of the caramel layer.
  • Then spread the whipped cream on top of the sliced banana.
  • Add sliced bananas to the top of the pie and finish with vegan chocolate shavings over the top of the pie.

Ingredient Notes & Substitutions

  • Walnuts – can be switched for macadamias which also work great for the crust.
  • Coconut cream – should be canned and unsweetened. You could also use canned unsweetened coconut milk for the caramel.
  • Almond butter – complements the flavors really well, but feel free to use another nut butter.
  • Bananas – it’s best to use bananas that are ‘just ripe’ rather than all the way ripe, as they will hold up better. So yellow all over, maybe a couple of spots, but not super spotty the way we like them for banana bread.
  • Vegan whipped cream topping – we made the topping using chilled canned coconut cream. However you can definitely use any other vegan whipped cream that you like.

Storing Instructions

This vegan banoffee pie is best served the day it’s made, since it uses fresh fruit. However, leftovers can be enjoyed for 2-3 days, just use your best judgement.

It is not freezer friendly.

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