Like a Meteor

Like a meteor hurtling toward the Earth, each of us hurtles through the years being worn of all that doesn’t matter. Like a meteor that shines brighter the more it casts off, each soul shines brighter as the body that carries it is slowly cast off over a lifetime. This is the same process our deepest feelings and understandings are subject to as we try to express them. Each truth shines brighter as the story that carries it is cast off in the telling and there is nothing left but its truth. And both the light of truth we carry in our story and the light of soul we carry in our life illuminate us from the inside until we glow. Until someone sees the light in our eyes and is stopped by the force of life trying to live.

Mark Nepo

While we all need to customize meditation, this is particularly important for those living with PTSD or strong, potentially overwhelming emotions.

The gift of processing trauma is that the place of woundedness becomes a gateway into profound love, healing, and freedom.

In this week’s talk, we’ll explore how trauma cuts us off from wholeness, and is accompanied by a deep and painful experience of shame. We look at the ways meditation can be adapted to cultivate sufficient safety for the full transformational healing of mindfulness to unfold.

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