How to Pay Attention

We are always being told to listen to the sensations, and release judgement etc in a yoga class. But it occured to me that this is not always understood. So with my upcoming monthly course in yin this September, I thought it might be a timely change to take a brief look at this. The…

The Power of Discomfort

Do you ever get yin and restorative yoga confused? I’ve been having a lot of conversations with practitioners recently who are trying yin for the first time about the difference. Yin is finding an edge and sitting there, maybe with a little discomfort. There is no pain, no pushing but rather sitting at that edge….

Always Do your Best

It’s been a busy season and I have had hardly any spare time to devote to my blog. But over the last month or so as I struggled with the pressure of feeling like I “had” to post the final agreement sequence on here, I had an AHA moment when I remembered what this fourth…

Not Doing – A Way of Doing -Wu Wei

The concept of wu wei enters most of the yoga classes I teach. When I guide my yoga students into a pose, I often ask them to make an “effortless effort.” This has an amazing effect. My students lower their shoulders, their faces relax — and miraculously — the pose become easier to rest in….