SOLAR – Yoga & Wellness Retreat in Spain 29 Apr-4 May 2024

Unforgettable yoga and wellness experience nestled in the majestic Pizarra Mountains in Spain

Truly witnessing the Higher Self requires a desire for self-inquiry and turning the light inward. Our Yoga retreats provide a nourishing space for observing the vast inner world, inspired by the beauty of the outer landscapes.

Picture yourself in this hidden gem, secluded in a valley accessible only by a scenic 4km track meandering through fragrant orange and lemon groves. Everywhere you turn, awe-inspiring views, vibrant flora and fauna, enchanting caves, mountain streams, natural springs, and even a waterfall captivating your senses.

Immerse yourself in this pristine beauty for 6 days and:

🍃 Enjoy 2 daily sessions of outdoor Yoga & Meditation sessions on the outdoor wooden deck, gazing at the view and watching the sun set in Savasana. 
🍃  Tickle your taste buds with freshly cooked, mouth-watering daily meals using the freshest, locally sourced produce.
🍃 Bathe in the solar-heated pool and soak up some poolside rays as you relax with a good book
🍃 Indulge your body and soul with on-site massage treatments, a steam room, and sauna that will help you down-regulate your nervous system
🍃 Chanting, breath development, chances to explore drawing, wild swimming, walks, nature connection and plenty of free time to relax and assimilate.
🍃Spend evenings chatting, reading, comfy chill areas, gazing at the stars.
🍃 Enjoying the poolside cinema at night.

The retreat is designed for you to have lots of time to relax and reconnect, so of course everything is optional.


This Retreat’s theme is Solar Power, like the place we are staying, we are powered by the Sun and can make great changes to our lives and to the mind by creating new patterns of light and shadow internally. We will use the theme organically interweave it through the food, meditations, and yoga practices and most importantly respond to the group dynamic.


We will work with Vinyasa Flowing Yoga, Yin (a restorative type of Yoga), Movement, Partners Yoga, Pranayama, chants and Meditations to bring awareness and balance to every cell.

Yoga and wellness retreat in Spain

Seeing the planet’s health as a reflection of the health of the Self, Nova believes Yoga is a tool to create the profound changes and shifts necessary to healing our relationships with ourselves, each other and the natural world.

Yoga is a means of re-wilding from within, of un-peeling the layers that prevent us from acting from our inherent peace and power and thriving as we naturally should in harmony with nature.


The main house, El Romero, is a beautifully restored traditional Andalusian finca (countryside estate), with lovely bedrooms, a large kitchen and lounge area and a huge wood burning fireplace.

Teepees and ME-Pods

Perfect for those with an affinity for the outdoors, but who don’t wish to compromise on comfort.

For those who want the full Spanish sensory experience of the mountains at night, we offer an array of accommodations. Choose between the cozy teepees, geodesic domes, or Me-pods, bringing you closer to Cartama’s nature.

Our teepees and Me-pods offer clean, spacious, and comfortable interiors. With tiled floors, electricity, and luxurious bedding, these accommodations perfectly blend the beauty of nature with modern amenities. You’ll find yourself amidst almond and olive groves, connected by winding paths illuminated by solar lights. Take in the breathtaking views across the valley, while the glittering stars above, the gentle Spanish breeze, and the soothing sounds of crickets and cicadas lull you into a restful sleep.


We have two outdoor treatment areas, catering to all temperatures, such as the serene shala, the pool deck, or the yoga platform overlooking the mountains. To practice meditation in solitude, we will offer private hammocks.

Leave your worries behind as we provide all the yoga mats you need. Simply pack your swimsuit and allow yourself to fully embrace nature and unwind.


Everything is energy! The energy of our food directly impacts sentient life on all levels, so it plays an important role here. By embracing a veggie/vegan diet of the most conscious kind (organic, local, homegrown, where possible), we find a natural affinity and respect for all life.

You’ll find delicious, soul-inspired recipes on What we eat is important for ourselves, our fellow animals, and our beautiful Earth.


Deep Tissue massage, Aromatherapy, Holistic massage, Shoulder, Neck and Back Massage, Indian Head Massage and Holistic, Facials, available as half hour slots for £35, and one hour slots £65/60. If you can book ahead, we would appreciate it.


We live in respect and love for nature; therefore, we designed this retreat to have minimal impact on our 18 acres of unspoilt land, in harmony with the natural beauty of Spain’s Pizarra Mountains.


We offer various options to suit your preferences:

We live in respect and love for nature; therefore, we designed this retreat to have minimal impact on our 18 acres of unspoilt land, in harmony with the natural beauty of Spain’s Pizarra Mountains.

  • Shared rooms in the house for 7 days: £1200
  • Shared Teepee, Me-pod, or Dome accommodation: £1100
  • Friends/Twin booking together (in-house or outside): £2000
  • Triple booking together (in-house or outside): £2900
  • Private room in-house: £1600
  • Private Teepee, Me-pod, or Dome accommodation: £1500

Unwind, rejuvenate, and discover the true meaning of serenity at the Solar Retreat – Spain.


Choose an option below to book your place. For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Nova at


Book a flight to Malaga (available departing from all London airports, Bournemouth, and Southampton.) Our place is only 40 min away.
Airport Transfers, or pick ups from the local stn Pizarra from Malaga are available. 


photography of waterfalls between trees
Photo by Rifqi Ramadhan on

Nearby are the stunning turquoise lakes in Ardales (a jewel in Cartama’s crown) where
you can swim or canoe, with beautiful pine forests to explore, as well as Spain’s famous
and spectacular El Chorro gorge – with the world famous king’s walk across the gorge.

Another option is to let the train take the strain! One of the most beautiful train rides
through the countryside takes 11/2 hrs from our local station at Pizarra and delivers you
to the beautiful town of Ronda with its famous architecture, including Puente Nuevo and
its wide array of bars and restaurants.

Another option is a day trip to the old town of Malaga with the Picasso museum,
Alcazaba/castle, Chriniguitos and so much more.

“A huge thank you for your wonderful time:

1) Your infectious laughter – the naughty giggles to full blown happy laughter, were an absolute joy and endorphin releasing tonic.

2) The yoga – | have to admit I’d never heard of Yin Yoga, so | had no clue what to expect. It was amazing.

This mixed with your wild and crazy touches created something magical. Every one of us, who were fully

engaged, got something special out of this.

3) The food – As a cow a week Zimbabwean, | was a bit anxious if | was going to survive on a vegan diet. | did have a couple of spare kg | was willing to shed so it seemed like an acceptable diet. How wrong | was!!! Your food was amazing. | very rarely have seconds. The last time would have been several years ago. | got up twice for seconds this weekend. Not because | was hungry, but because it was so bloody delicious.

– Graham

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