Lush Eco Farm Retreats

These retreats are a fabulous chance to drop off grid for a bit and connect in style with yourselves and the world around you for a bit.

Each one will have their own unique theme and topics are interwined within the whole retreat to include the food we eat, to the way we practice and meditate without dogma. They run from 1st day 4pm till after lunch around 1pm on the 3rd day.

Perfect for when you just need to see the nature and hear the sheep, as you fall asleep.

This retreat has been running in this venue for the last 9 years and has been a sell out every year due to its perfect mix of rustic style and gourgous attention to detail, deeply rooted ethics, without being preachy or pious.

This retreat was added to the Guardians list of 10 best yoga retreats in UK and Europe 2019/20 and had a sell out year during the non-lock down parts of 2020/21.

Now 2022 is working out to be another awesome one, with “The Beautiful South Tourism Awards” checking us out and by joining New Forest Marque we are making all the commitments to create beautiful ethical retreats we can!

BookRetreats has also featured my retreats as one of the top 10 in the world! And not to mention most instagramable, which is definitely a weird one for a retreat promoting a digital detox! But Hey I will take it.

Feel Good Ethics

I have the same conscious commitment to be as eco, ethical, and socially aware as possible, because a retreat for you should make the world a better place for everyone!

And at this venue it is no different, we are using solar and ground source heating, not to mention growing the most wonderful organic food on site.

By using the local produce in all the meals, giving to offset your travel to and from the retreats, using only ethical eco products during the retreats (where covid allows), we are able to truly make a difference.

The food

– As a cow a week Zimbabwean, I was a bit anxious if I was going to survive on a vegan diet. I did have a couple of spare kg I was willing to shed so it seemed like an acceptable diet. How wrong I was!!! Your food was amazing. I very rarely have seconds. The last time would have been several years ago. I got up twice for seconds this weekend. Not because I was hungry, but because it was so bloody delicious.

Graham Guest 2022

All the home-grown, homemade and wonderfully wholesome food you could ask for including vegan cakes/cookies for snack time, plus beautiful breakfasts, lunches and dinners -including puddings (the only thing you are detoxing from is digital here)

• Acres to wander around and walks in the national park

• Optional Swim at local beauty spot.

• Pick your own veg from the farm to add to the homemade meals

• Get hands on and cuddle one of the many lamb, goat, or chickens wandering around.

• Saturday Market in the local harbourside town

• Three free bikes onsite to use to explore.

• Journaling and partners work in sessions

• 8+ yoga, and meditation, sound healing, yoga nidra sessions

• Massages available throughout the weekend

• Lush facemasks by the roaring fire

• With lovely country pubs just a few minutes walk from the barns (if that was of interest)

The Yoga Practice

Two yoga classes will be taught each day. These classes will be open to all levels. While building strength and flexibility over the 3 days, these Vinyasa Krama classes will prioritise the development of breath and incorporate elements of chanting, pranayama and meditation.

2021 and the start of 2022 was a sell out again.

20-22 Sept-Happy hearts –One Space Left

23-25 Sept -Rewild Yourself- One Room Left

4-6 Oct Midweek Maddness-Booking

7-9 Oct- The Fifith Season- Nearly Full

11-13 Oct -The Yin and Yang of it-Booking

11-13 Nov-Season Sparkles- Nearly full

15-17 Nov- Seasons Change-Booking up

18-20 Nov-Delve Deeper- Booking up

28-1 Dec-Me Time- Booking up

2-4 Dec-Pre-Season Reset-Booking up

6-8 Dec Festive Fun


6-8 Jan 2023– Restore balance

10-12 Jan-Fast Forward

13-15 Jan -So peaceful
31-2 Feb -Love and Peace

3-5 Feb- Forget the Regret

7-9 Feb- Spring Clean

21-23 Feb- Self Care Special
24-26 Feb- REwild and Restore

28-2 Mar-Fabulous Feb

21-23 Mar-Spring Equinox,-

24-26 Mar-Care and Reset-

28-30 Mar-Spring forward-

9-11 May Sunny Minds-

12-14 May Rewild your soul

16-18 May-Spring bored

NOTE -Usually if the warmer weather holds we will have some practices outside. or by the fire.)

Dorms £399, King or Twin £675 for 1 or 2 £950, Twin Ensuite £750 for 1 or £985 for 2, off site self contained double flat ( a mile away) £1100 for 2, Open double or Shepherdess Hut for 1 £650 or £850 for 2.

Let me know if you have any questions or to book via email or call 07894588002.

Eco Farm Retreat deposit

Please email with your room and date choice. And we look forward to meeting you soon. xx nova

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